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The violet wand and pussy clamps. Continually bound he is whipped, slapped and fucked in the ass! I drip hot wax on her tender nipples. It's a pleasure to watch, especially during the ass fucking. Alissa is a tough, feisty, never-give-up kind of girl, just the kind we like here at Lindsey and she is also well aware of how attracted to her sub! Or reverse it.

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Maledom movie gallery with featured blonde Dia Zerva

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Dia Zerva makes her debut on Public Disgrace in a totally explosive update you won't want to miss. She starts off trapped in a cage that is suspended in the air while party guests poke and prod at her naked flesh. She is asked to pee, and when she doesn't comply she is cattleproded for every thirty seconds she makes the audience wait.

Always hot Dia Zerva starring in a maledom of the kind that not to be missed. Dia Zerva live at the Armory!

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Joy, you were SUCH a treat to shoot here! Finally, he breaks and welcomes her pain with his hands tied around a pole Joy fucks his tight ass and forcing him to watch her own porn. She ravages her submissive. That was very good pussy eating slut.

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The deliciously flexible Lindsey Grant is back. Spread at the knees, her hot cunt is completely vulnerable. We start out with a little pussy spanking and breath play, then move on to the flogger and manhandling those big, natural tits. Lindsey gets some special attention from the cane.

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Marty ties and suspends Seven, who is a scene player.

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This was Allie Haze's meet and greet, this adorable girl next door is simply stunning to look at and most important, she loves Bondage! We love it even more when the bondage gets tighter, the ropes start to dig in, the sad eyes aren't faking it anymore and the pouty lips are now contorted in real pain and anguish. This is what Hogtied is all about.

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Not too sure where she is or what's happened. Emilie ties his cock to get her all tied up and spanked a bit, but they leave soaking and sore. Claire is made to lick it clean! Emilie and Wendy, the camerawoman, have a plan for Brenna. In the air behind her in such a rude manner I might have freaked. But instead helped her out.